• Fishing

    Fishing at home SAFETY & FUN

  • Take aim with Peraplay!

    grab you ammo, take up your cannon, win the big prize!

    Royal Fishing

    Boom Legend


    Jackpot Fishing

    Mega Fishing

    Bombing Fishing


    Monkey King Fishing

    Fa Chai Fishing

    Hero Fishing

    Lucky Fishing

    Bao Chuan Fishing

  • Fishing Games Provider

    KA Gaming

    CQ9 Gaming





  • Tips

    Hey, Take a look here!

    Be ware of your ammo!

    If you are a regular player, we would recommend that you choose to shoot small fish, unless you have a lot of money in your account, because you have to remember that shooting big fish means that you need to sacrifice a lot of bullets.

    Use a different weapon

    You can switch between weapons of different strengths. Although the cost of a strong bullet will be higher, a powerful weapon is more likely to take out a tough fish.


    Try to shot the effective target

    Some of creatures have special effects!
    Frozen, Torpedo, Swirl, Lightning! Trigger these effect to get more prize!

    Set loss point

    Some fishes are hard to eliminate. Don't waste all your ammo on one fish, even it might be the big prize.

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